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Centrum® VitaMints® Cool Mint

Centrum® VitaMints® Cool Mint
Centrum Vitamints, multivitamin mints Supplement Facts for Cool Mint Centrum® VitaMints®
Centrum® VitaMints® Cool Mint Supplement Facts for Cool Mint Centrum® VitaMints® Cool Mint
Centrum® VitaMints® Wintergreen Supplement Facts for Wintergreen Centrum® VitaMints® Wintergreen
Centrum® VitaMints® Raspberry Supplement Facts for Raspberry Centrum® VitaMints® Raspberry

Centrum® VitaMints®, the multivitamin you enjoy like a mint with a unique combination of essential micronutrients comes in three refreshing flavors: Cool Mint, Wintergreen, and Raspberry. A complete multivitamin with 18 micronutrients. Smooth, not chalky, and no vitamin aftertaste! Enjoy the chewable multivitamin any time of day, with or without food or water.

VitaMints®—an innovation from the most recommended, studied, and preferred multivitamin brand, Centrum®.

Winner in the Vitamins & Supplements category. 2016 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards.

Feed Your Cells with Centrum® Micronutrients.

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> Supplement Facts for Wintergreen
> Supplement Facts for Cool Mint

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