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Find out what women need for optimal health throughout life.


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Complexion Protection

Valerie Latona

Did you know that great skin starts from the inside? It's true: The right combination of vitamins and other nutrients can help you maintain healthy skin.


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Nutrient News For Women Over 50

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Five essential nutrients your body needs.

How to Fight Middle-Age Weight Gain

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

As if weight control wasn't hard enough for women, getting older makes it even more difficult. Calorie needs decrease with time, and your weight control plan should evolve to reflect each stage of life. You can forget about drastic calorie reduction and excessive physical activity to shed pounds, ho...

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9 Surprising Tips to Help You Stay Healt…

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Women, Take Care of Yourselves

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

As a woman, you may put the wellbeing of others first. You’re not a…

Shore Up Your Defenses: What to Eat to S…

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

You may take it for granted, but your immune system does battle with …