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Exercise and Lifestyle Factors


Dr. Balz Frei

One of the most important – if not the most important – thing you can do to stay healthy is to maintain a healthy weight and waist circumference. Evidence indicates that your waist circumference is the most accurate predictor of your risk of developing metabolic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, h...


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Dr. Balz Frei

Ideally, you would get all your vitamins and essential minerals from your diet, although some of them, like vitamin E or D and calcium, may be hard to get even from a healthful diet. As a “health insurance,” and to fill known gaps in certain vitamins and essential minerals in the average US diet, I recommend the following supplements:

Food & Diet

Dr. Balz Frei

A healthful diet combined with physical activity is the key to living a long and healthy life. While your genes, or family history, may increase or decrease your predisposition to develop certain chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, or certain cancers, your diet and lifestyle play a crucial role in whether and when this predisposition is being expressed as actual disease. In other words, it’s all about ...