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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I take Centrum Specialist® Heart and Omega-3 together?


Yes. You can take Centrum Specialist® Heart together with our ProNutrients® Omega-3 supplement (from the makers of Centrum®) for more heart-health benefits.


Can children take Centrum® multivitamin tablets?


Centrum is formulated for adults 18 years and older. Children ages 2 and up can take Centrum Kids® Chewable multivitamin tablets.


Is it harmful to take outdated/expired Centrum®?


All our products are assigned an expiration date, which is based upon extensive stability studies. We guarantee the potency of the product until the last day of the month noted on the package. There is no evidence to indicate that the ingredients in the product would be harmful if consumed beyond the expiration date. You may not, however, be receiving the amount of each vitamin or mineral listed on the label. The potency of the ingredients slowly diminishes over an extended period of time, and the expiration date is determined by the least stable ingredient in the product. We recommend that the product not be used after the expiration date.


How long can I take Centrum® multivitamins?


Centrum multivitamins can be taken continuously on a daily basis. Please consult with your healthcare provider before you make any changes in your diet and exercise routine.


How do I know which Centrum® multivitamin formula is right for me?


Centrum offers a range of multivitamins. Depending on your age, gender, and specific health goals, some multivitamins may be more beneficial to your health than others. To find out which Centrum product is right for you, take our quick and easy self-assessment:

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