As you age your calorie and nutrient needs change. Thus, your body will need more of certain vitamins and minerals at a time when you may find that you are eating a bit less. Whether you’re a three-meals a day eater or someone who prefers small meals and snacks throughout the day, try to ensure what you are eating is packed with Vitamin-rich options.

Go for "nutrient dense" choices like whole grains or enriched breads and cereals; a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables; low-fat dairy foods; and lean meats, fish, poultry, and legumes.

Over time, minerals in your bones decrease. Ensuring your diet includes Calcium and Vitamin D is important to maintaining bone health.

Weight bearing exercise, such as walking and weight training, is also key to improving and maintaining bone health as you get older. Alternate this with aerobic exercise to obtain the overall health benefits of a balanced diet and fitness routine.

What else does your body need more of now?

Fiber for heart health, water for overall well being, and a multivitamin supplement to help close your nutritional gaps.

Consult your doctor before engaging in any diet or exercise program.