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Vitamins & Minerals

Learn how vitamins and minerals play a role in your health.


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Why Vitamin D is Different

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin,” but summertime is no guarantee that you have enough vitamin D to support good health.


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The ABC’s of Vitamin D

Learning to get the vitamin D you need.

5 Tips For a More Balanced Diet

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Achieving a balanced diet that includes the vitamins and minerals you may be missing is within reach. Incorporate these 5 easy strategies.

What Your Diet May Be Missing

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Despite your best intentions, you may not be consuming adequate amounts of six important vitamins and minerals from food alone.

Healthy Vision in the Digital Age

Valerie Latona

Easy ways to reduce digital eyestrain from computers, handheld devices, and more — and have sharper vision

6 Smart Swaps for Healthy Aging

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

You take good care of yourself, and you want to do even better. Try t..

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

Valerie Latona

6 habits—from irregular sleep, poor diet, and even your relationshi..

Easy Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

How to keep cool—what to do, how much to drink, and what to eat—w…

Nutrient Needs Throughout Pregnancy

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, moms are the sole source of nutri…

Nutrients for Your Eyes

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

While carrots benefit vision, supporting eye health doesn’t end the…

Vitamin & Mineral Needs: 50+

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Find out what vitamins and minerals men and women need during mid-lif…

Nutrient News For Women Over 50

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Five essential nutrients your body needs.

Why Multivitamins Matter

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Find out why multivitamins matter, what role they play, and how the nutrients they contain can benefit your health.

The Role of Multivitamins

Dietary supplements are primarily intended to help people fill dietar…

Good-Mood Foods

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Good nutrition supports your energy levels and helps you better handl…

What All Women Should Do for a Healthier…

Valerie Latona

Did you know that a heart attack strikes someone in America every 34 …

Ways to Make Time for Your Health

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

You may have strayed from your healthy habits during the summer, but …

Strategies to Support Brain Health

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been enjoying a more relaxed s…

Make the Most of Food

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

It’s a fact: You need fewer calories with age, yet the suggested in…

5 Things EVERYONE Needs to Do for Health…

Valerie Latona

Full disclosure: I’m wearing glasses as I write this. In fact, if I…

Eat to Energize

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

We all need a break from our daily routine, but summer vacations, cel…


Dr. Balz Frei

Ideally, you would get all your vitamins and essential minerals from your diet, although some of them, like vitamin E or D and calcium, may be hard to get even from a healthful diet. As a “health insurance,” and to fill known gaps in certain vitamins and essential minerals in the average US diet, I recommend the following supplements:

Dietary Supplements

Dr. Jeffrey B. Blumberg

National surveys consistently reveal that older adults often fall far short of meeting their nutritional requirements from their diet. This is partly due to their dietary choices, age-related impairments in their ability to absorb and utilize some nutrients, medication-induced nutrient deficiencies, and increased nutrient requirements due to common chronic conditions. While dietary supplements should never be consid...

Dietary Recommendations

Dr. Jeffrey B. Blumberg

It is always a challenge to eat healthfully and know you are getting the right amount of essential nutrients and other important dietary constituents like fiber and phytochemicals. This challenge is even harder for adults over 50 years as their physical activity and the total amount of food they consume declines with advancing age. While eating less may result in fewer calories consumed and match their lower energy ...

Dietary Supplements for My Family

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

People often ask me about the dietary supplements I take and whi…

STUDY: Are the Nutrients in Multivitamin…

According to a study published recently in an Italian journal, the answer is yes. The study results suggest that taking a daily supplement like Centrum® can increase the blood levels of certain key nutrients included in the supplement.

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Why Are Vitamins Important?

While love may top some people’s list as a necessity they can’t live without, there are 13 "other essentials" humans absolutely can’t live without—and those are vitamins!1

How Do Vitamins Work?

Dr. Jeffrey B. Blumberg 

Vitamins help us with all the inner workings of the body. They regulate the billions of chemical activities that occur in the body every minute of every day.1

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How Do Vitamins Work?

You know that taking a multivitamin every day is a good way to fill your nutritional gaps. Now learn why as we look at some of the major ways vitamins and minerals can benefit your health.