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Men and Women 50+

Find out what adults over 50 need for optimal health.


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The ABC’s of Vitamin D

Learning to get the vitamin D you need.


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Top 5 Nutrients for Men 50+

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

You’re over 50, and you’re as active as ever. Keep it that way wi…

Vitamin & Mineral Needs: 50+

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Find out what vitamins and minerals men and women need during mid-lif…

Nutrient News For Women Over 50

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Five essential nutrients your body needs.

Dietary Recommendations

Dr. Jeffrey B. Blumberg

It is always a challenge to eat healthfully and know you are getting the right amount of essential nutrients and other important dietary constituents like fiber and phytochemicals. This challenge is even harder for adults over 50 years as their physical activity and the total amount of food they consume declines with advancing age. While eating less may result in fewer calories consumed and match their lower energy ...

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Aging Gracefully

Let’s face it, we get a bit older every day, but getting older doesn’t have to mean getting old. As you age, you change physically, mentally and emotionally. Embrace these changes by doing whatever it takes to age well.

Over 50? What Your Body Needs More Of No…

As you age your calorie and nutrient needs change. Thus, your body wi…

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Maintain Strong Bones

When you think of osteoporosis, you probably think of it as a women's-only disease. Not so. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), of the 10 million Americans estimated to have osteoporosis, 8 million are women and 2 million are men. The key to long-term bone health is to maintain ...