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Complexion Protection

Valerie Latona

Complexion Protection

Did you know that great skin starts from the inside? It's true: The right combination of vitamins and other nutrients can help you maintain healthy skin.


As skin ages, it naturally becomes thinner and more fragile, and your body takes longer to replace and repair old cells. The result can be a duller, drier complexion. While there's nothing you can do to slow the passage of time, the right nutrients can help maintain healthy skin.


The following nutrients play a role in skin health. And unlike using beauty products that work only on the skin's surface, taking in the right nutrients every day gives your body the materials it needs to maintain healthy skin.


What it does: This powerful vitamin is essential for growth and cell division. In terms of beauty, this means that the nutrient helps your body replace old skin cells with new, healthy ones. Its antioxidant properties also help neutralize free radicals.

Health bonus: Some studies indicate that foods rich in beta-carotene have many health benefits.


What it does: Like Vitamin A, this antioxidant protects against free radical cell damage. It also helps skin maintain a healthy makeup.

Health bonus: This nutrient has long been thought to support immune health.


What it does: This powerful antioxidant helps support the immune system and neutralizes free radical damage that is naturally created in our bodies every day.

Health bonus: Recent studies suggest Vitamin E may help support healthy eyesight.


What it does: While phosphorus mostly works toward the formation of healthy teeth and bones, it also plays an important part in the body's ability to grow, maintain, and repair cells and other tissues.

Health bonus: In combination with Calcium, phosphorus helps create the hard latticework that makes up the foundation of strong bones and teeth.

Interesting fact: Eighty-five percent of adult phosphorus is in bone.


What it does: This mineral helps your body produce new cells.

Interesting fact: The following groups may need more zinc from their diet: Senior citizens, vegetarians or other people who eat very little red meat, and pregnant and laRich textting women.

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